Live the Osa Costa Rica Internship & Immersion Program

Welcome to Live the Osa

Bienvenidos a Live the Osa, LLC, your entrance toward improving your Spanish, experiencing a new culture and exploring an amazing part of the world.

Live with a local family, enjoy exquisite natural beauty, immerse yourself in a rural village, and become part of the community in Puerto Jimenez (Osa Peninsula), Costa Rica.

We provide unique year-round opportunities for college students, and organized group trips for AP classes and teachers of any discipline. We will work with you to personalize your experience, through a variety of internships and local connections.

Don't just visit the Osa, Live the Osa!

Costa Rican Immersion

"My Osa family really made me feel at home and part of their life. I would highly recommend Live the Osa to anyone looking for a true Costa Rican experience."
-Mariah, Summer 2010

"The trip truly stands out as the best 4 weeks of my life. I know the friendships I formed with the host family and my internship hosts, not to mention those with other locals whom I simply met along the way, will last forever. That said, it's the people and community I appreciated most ... not just the monkeys and scarlet macaws flying overhead. I don't just want to return one day, I have to! Gracias por todo El Ceibo. Pura vida por siempre esta en mi corazon."
-José, Summer 2010

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